The Stuffing Toys Are Made Of

February 16th, 2012
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Stuffed toys are to my dog like chocolate is to some people. When she knows it’s somewhere near, she has to have it. And once it’s in her mouth, she has to destroy it.

Like a typical Golden Retriever, Tasha first holds a stuffed toy with a “soft mouth.” This breed usually holds their prey tightly, but without too much pressure, so as not to actually pierce it. Sometimes they even drop what’s in their mouth.

Not my dog. No matter how big or small the stuffed toy, it doesn’t take Tasha long to get a good grip and start ripping it apart. She’s like a dog maniac on a short-lived mission.

I’ve tried hiding these fuzzy teddy bears, rabbits, and balls, but she can smell them. I wonder what stuffing must smell like.

I’m always tempted to buy yet another one of these toys when I buy food at the pet store. I know it makes Tasha happy, and she’s as spoiled as they come. But because they’re gone in under ten minutes, I try and scout them out at thrift stores where they are considerably cheaper. They might be a little worn in some cases, but at least they are whole and ready to rip apart.

I hate to think of what Tasha would do if she ever did find a small animal that’s slow enough to for her to catch. It hasn’t happened yet, and I just hope it’s never a temptation.



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  • Anonymous

    It is crazy how quickly a stuffie will become unstuffed and, in Kelly’s case, dismembered and beheaded! But I like the validation that it’s okay to keep buying them stuffies, even for the 10 minutes of fun they provide! Kelly has one toy (and only one) she’s never unstuffed. It’s a 2 foot long green snake, made in several segments with 2 squeakers and a rattle in the tail. the squeakers and rattle are gone, but the rest is almost good as new! And she plays with it all the time. I wonder if Tasha would do well with that one, as well?

  • Molly Krpata

    Our girl Luna does the same thing with stuffed toys. u00a0She’ll keep chewing on the fabric long after the stuffing is gone too. I always wonder if she caught an animal would she rip it open and be like “BLAH, this isn’t poly fill stuffing! Gross!” u00a0We also will keep buying them for her because she really does seem to enjoy it. u00a0Pet stores always have them on sale for a dollar or two so I usually just go with the cheapest ones. u00a0You gotta love em!