Unusual Trio: A Goat, a Great Dane, and a Three-Legged Retriever

December 13th, 2010
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What do a goat, a three-legged dog, and a Great Dane have in common? Friendship! Now, the goat, Minnelli, doesn’t know she’s a goat, because she behaves just like her canine cohorts. Minnelli likes to go on walks like a dog and even walks with a leash. And she behaves like your ordinary house pet!

Judy (the Great Dane) and Minnelli roamed away from their home. They were taking a rest on a lawn in Dallas by a wedding chapel when they were discovered. They were then taken to the East Lake Pet Orphanage. The two best buds had a good time at the orphanage, eating, sleeping, and playing together, until the law came down on Minnelli. It is against the law to harbor stray livestock.

Minnelli was shipped off with a bleak future. If her owners didn’t claim her, she would end up as someone’s meal. Luckily, with all of the media coverage of Minnelli’s separation from her BFF Judy, their owners got word and came forward to transfer ownership to the orphanage. Since Lucky, their three-legged Retriever had been mourning for his friends, the owners allowed Lucky to remain with Minnelli and Judy. The three amigos are now living happily together with their new adopted parents, Norman and Sandra Williams in Ennis, Texas.

To read the full story about this unusual trio, visit the Tonic website.

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