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June 18th, 2013
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grizzlysalmonWhile the age old rivalry between dogs and cats may still exist, many families have at least one canine member and one feline member. In most of these families everyone can coexist in a loving manner (with a few “sibling disputes” from time to time).

Dogs and cats do have some different nutritional needs; however, many things can be enjoyed by both canines and felines. In general it seems that dogs receive more treats than cats; maybe there are more treat products geared towards dogs…? You no longer have to worry about buying dog treats and then getting a guilt trip from the feline member(s) of your family. There are quite a few quality treat options that can be given to both dogs and cats.

While the list of differences between dogs and cats may be lengthy, they can both agree on their affinity towards fish. Grizzly Salmon Fillet Treats are made of 100% Wild Salmon Fillet. These treats can be broken into any bite size. Salmon Fillet Treats are an all-natural treat and a good source of Omega-3’s that are beneficial for both canines and felines (and humans, but not sure you’ll enjoy these treats as much as your pet will enjoy them). The Honest Kitchen also has a fish treat, called Wishes, that is suitable for both cats and dogs. Wishes are made with 100% human-grade, wild caught Haddock. Like the Salmon Fillet treats, they can be broken into any bite size.

BravoOf course, fish is not the only treat option for all of your furry family members. Bravo! has several freeze dried or dry roasted all natural treats for dogs and cats. Bravo’s dry roasted treats are available in a variety of options, including venison liver, buffalo liver, turkey breast, and chicken breast. Bravo only uses antibiotic-free poultry, fresh fish and grass-fed red meats in these, all-natural, grain-free snacks, so you can be confident that you are giving healthy treats to your pets.

Simplify your shopping list by including some of these treats for your pets. As with any treat, moderation is the key (although all of these are pretty low calorie). Always supervise your pet when giving any type of treat (safety first).

~ This post is written by David Neuwirth for Harlo’s Healthy Pets.  David is the owner of Harlo’s Healthy Pets and a volunteer with several local animal rescue groups.  David started Harlo’s Healthy Pets to help educate others about healthy pet food and treat options

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