Unique Scrapbooks From Personalized Pet Tales

April 11th, 2011
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You’ve seen pet scrapbook pages, but a Personalized Pet Tales book is something special!

Personalized Pet Tales was born in the summer of 2007 when Debbie Evert was pet-sitting two of her friends’ dogs. Her furry clan jumped from 4 to 6, and together they all had a blast!  Debbie decided to document the dogs’ adventures by taking photos and putting them together in a scrapbook.  But, this was no ordinary scrapbook. This was an adventure told by the dogs themselves, proving how much fun they had and even sharing the funny things that happened. Debbie thought it’d be a treat to send the dogs home with this special gift and had fun in the process of creating it!

Debbie’s guests left her home with a “What I Did at Evert Summer Camp 2007” book to show their “parents.”  Thrilled by the surprise and full with laughter, Debbie was encouraged by her friends to make these types of books for others.  A simple gift for friends, something fun and creative, soon became Personalized Pet Tales.

Debbie’s scrapbooks are unique in several ways. For starters, your animal is the narrator! Using a personalized Q&A form, the creator discovers more about your beloved animal (their nicknames for you, special toys, characteristics, behaviors, etc.). Then photo captions will be created from your animal’s point of view!

What’s more, Personalized Pet Tales uses the old-fashioned method of cut and paste so you can feel the touch of the pages on textured paper. All photos are printed on white card stock, so there’s no worry about archival damage. Each handmade item—whether it’s a scrapbook, shadowbox or decorative tile —will be a quality addition for your family to cherish for years to come.  Personalized Pet Tales offers discounts for military, widows, and non-profit groups.  And, if you’ve EVER adopted a pet from a non-profit rescue group, you get a 10% discount. (Kudos for supporting adoption and saving lives!) Individual discounts can also be found periodically on their Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/PersonalizedPetTales

These charming, old-fashioned homemade books are a delight! ANY animal-parent would love one to receive one of these as a gift. The handcrafted pages are textured and fun to open and touch. This is a great way to chronicle the story of your beloved animal companion. Personalized Pet Tales products are personal, unique, and made with LOVE. Check out their website: http://www.personalizedpettales.com/

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