Who Can Resist a Sweet Puppy Face?

June 27th, 2009
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When I was in grade school, all of my friends had dogs. I felt like I was the only kid without a pet. I had no companion to greet me at the door when I came home. No puppy to give me kisses when I was sad. No one to curl up at my feet when I was feeling sick. I was lonely for that never failing friendship that a dog could provide.

It took much convincing on my part to finally get a dog. At the age of 10, I spent all of my free time trying to talk my parents into it. After months and months of relentless begging, they finally gave in. We spent all of our time at the library, trying to figure out which pup would be a match for our family. I wanted a Bernese Mountain dog.

We wound up with a Basset Hound. Stubborn, lazy, and small, Wags was the best dog I could ask for. She’d steal food right out my hand. She’d go to the bathroom in every room of the house, after just being outside. She’d run out of the fence the second it opened, and would tear through the neighborhood. She would try to eat my mom’s parrot. Wags wasn’t exactly the most well-behaved dog on the block. But she was mine and I loved her.

Robin Hood, the Shiba

Robin Hood, the Shiba

Wags was my puppy for 14 years. After she died, it took me a long time to even consider getting another dog. I just didn’t think any other pet could match up.  There would never be another dog for me.

Two years after Wags died, I adopted a Black Lab. Two years after that, I got a Shiba Inu.

Dora and Robin Hood are the polar opposites of Wags. Dora is big and muscular, and at age five, she is still a big puppy who thinks her 85-pound butt will fit in my small lap.

Robin Hood is a 12-pound runner who kisses me all day and looks exactly like a fox. I love both of my puppies. For me, they will always be my puppies. No pet, however, will ever take the place in my heart that Wags was able to fill.

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