Wilson Gets Adopted – A Children’s Book

October 18th, 2011
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I had the great pleasure to review the children’s book, “Wilson Gets Adopted.” The author, Susan Castriota, sent me an autographed copy and my first impression of the book was that the art is beautiful!

Castriota designed the entire book herself. The illustrations are magnificent, and she is a fantastic artist. I am an art enthusiast, so Castriota’s book really impressed me with the exquisite details and imaginative images that went along with the story.

“Wilson Gets Adopted” is the true story about a dog that had a fabulous life until his owner, Jon, became sick, and Wilson was taken to an animal shelter. At the shelter, Wilson and his companion, Peaches (Jon’s other dog), were eventually separated after Peaches was adopted, which made Wilson extremely sad.

Luckily, Wilson was adopted and went to a loving home where he was showered with lots of affection and had new canine companions to play with. Throughout the rest of the book, we read about Wilson’s great new life and how lucky he was to have been adopted.

Castriota’s book is a fun way to teach children about rescuing an animal from a shelter rather than buying a pet. Children are able to learn about the life of a dog living in a shelter and how many of them are not fortunate enough to find a loving home. With the combination of her love for dogs and her talents as an artist, Castriota has been able to educate many children about how humans can change the life of a homeless dog and the rewarding benefits of adopting an animal from a shelter.

“Wilson Gets Adopted” is the first in a series of books about this adorable pup. You can learn more about this book at Wilson’s website and become a fan of his on his Facebook page.

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