Guidelines for Contributors


Here are guidelines and tips for publishing on DOGSPIRED. If you have any questions about this information, please feel free to email us at


Publishing on

Topics include the following:

-Personal stories

A Dog Can Lift You

-Inspiring dog stories

Therapy Dog Program Helps Kids

-Material from your own site or blog (re-blog)

-Artistic creations using video and photo production, along with editing skills

-Raising awareness of animal cruelty, such as dog fighting and puppy mills

Friendly Giants Dog Rescue

-Recipes and nutritional information

Frozen Banana Delights

-Videos dogs from YouTube or elsewhere

Puppy Attacks Rottweiler

-Dogs in pop culture, such as the Obama’s dog

-Dog tips, training notes

Rules to Walk By

-Product reviews

Dog Park iPhone App


Problem Caused by Deforestation

-News stories

Dog Leads State Trooper to Fire

-Interesting dog events, such as dog shows and dog meet-ups

Pet Food Drive


You can submit any article about dogs, as long as it is thoughtful and does not present challenges or negative messages to the canine community. We will provide professional editorial support so that your article is presented in the most effective way.


Using WordPress

Note: If you are not familiar with WordPress, or find that the software is not easy to use, you can email your articles in a Word document, along with a photo, to or use this simple form. We will format the articles, optimize them, and then post them on your behalf.

Publishing tools and features  (VIDEO TUTORIAL)

When you first log in, not all of the WordPress options will be available. To view them, click the ‘Kitchen Sink’ button.

Using the “Share this” option





This option lets you share your posts by email, Twitter, Facebook, and other networking sites. We will make sure to share your entry on our Facebook and Twitter pages, but any further sharing is up to you.

Adding a relevant image to your post




Please add at least one image to every article. Images should be uploaded and not embedded from other websites. For example, if you find an image on the web that you want to use, you must first save it before adding it.

Note: If you do not include a photo or other image with your article, our editing team will happily do so on your behalf. We like to have a minimum of one image per article.

Saving articles as a draft (VIDEO TUTORIAL)

If you are not finished working on an entry, and would like to continue it later, please save it as a draft.

Adding tags (keywords) and categories

Add tags and categories (in the areas just to the right of where you type the text for your article). Add as many tags and categories as make sense for your article. This helps with SEO and reader searches.

Note: If you send us an entry by email or by using our form, we will add tags and categories for you. If you are not already registered on the site, we will create an account for you, and notify you of your user details.

Thank you for contributing to DOGSPIRED!

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