You Can Fight Fleas Naturally

May 25th, 2010
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Spring in Wilmington, NC

The last few days here in Southeast North Carolina have been beautiful. These beautiful days just make you want to spend as much time outside as possible.

Unfortunately, nice warm days also bring the summer bugs.

In our house, we are far more concerned with how the bugs affect our four-legged fuzzy children than we are with how they bother us.  Spring and summer weather means fleas. If you haven’t read the story about our fight against the flea, check it out here and here.

We have successfully been able to win the war against fleas with all natural products–those that are safe for our dogs, ourselves, and the environment. This is our battle plan:


First, we use an all natural soap regularly to bathe our boys, Wrigley and George.  Franklyn’s is a good choice because it contains Eucalyptus and Tea Tree essential oils, which are both great at repelling fleas.  The Tea Tree oil has the added benefit of being a natural antiseptic, so it will help ease the pain and itching from any flea bites.  Roxy’s is also very effective at fighting fleas.  If you can’t decide on a product, you can always get a sample stack, which includes a one-ounce bar of each of our dog soaps.

To get rid of any fleas in the house, we use Borax.  It can be found in the store with the laundry detergent.  We sprinkle the powder on the carpet, sofas, chairs, beds, etc.,  rub it in with a dry broom, and then let it sit for a few hours. Then we just vacuum it up.  Borax will suck out all the moisture from the fleas and kill them.

As for the outside, we use food grade diatomaceous earth.  It is very important to buy the food grade material and not what you find at a pool store.  We sprinkle it all over the yard.  The small sharp crystals will literally poke holes in the fleas and kill them.  It also works for other crawling bugs–roaches, ticks, bed bugs, beetles, and more.

We have been using this approach for the past year and a half, and have had less problems with fleas than ever before.  We encourage you to fight fleas naturally this year. You, your pet, and your environment will be better off.

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