Zorba: World’s Largest Dog

March 9th, 2009
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Some dogs put their head out the window to catch a cool breeze; others do so because their head just won’t fit in the car. This certainly was the case for Zorba.

The English Mastiff Zorba weighed roughly 343 pounds, and measured 8 feet, 3-inches long. In 1989, Zorba entered the record books as the worlds largest dog.

Mastifs, similar to other large breeds (Saint Bernards, Akitas), are very mild tempered, calm, and good natured.

Zorba recently passed away, but he has left a very large and lasting impression on dog lovers everywhere.

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  • Kevin

    Correction: there is some debate on if the photo above is an english mastiff or a bull mastiff due to having the appearance of some bull dog in the face. In either case, it’s a fake.

  • Jessica

    I think it’s real. I have an English mastiff and at 1 year’s old he is over 150 lbs. When you own one you’ll understand how BIG they really are!

  • Liz

    It is a fake. The worlds largest dog is named Herculues and is 282lbs. I have an English Mastiff and he is 5 at 180lbs. Its not possible for them to weight that much

  • ashley

    the picture may be fake but the Zorba really was and still holds the record for the largest dog. Zorba was in the guiness book of world records in 1989 as the info says…and i agree with the bull mastiff comment that is why i believe the picutre is fake.

  • tomosborne

    a lot of people think this picture is photoshopped, but i have 2 english mastiff brothers, they are 7 months old, well over 100 ponds. and nearly 7 feet long. and they are not full grown till 3 , i can easily see maximus andkimbo getting this big. tom osborne.

  • tomosborne

    i would like to talk to other english mastiff owners , my email addy, is coachozzie@hotmail.com

  • tomosborne

    just for the heck of it, my pups , are so big it amazes me how fast they grow, and how extremely strong they are. i had to have horse leads made to walk them with. they've all ready out grown every collar imaginable. so i had a horse lead made, with a 40 inch choker collar to walk them with. they are inside dogs. but kina rambuncsous to walk.i also have a black lab, and a 18 month old german shepherd golden retriever mix, about 125, and they dwarf him.

  • Chris

    I love these dogs. I cant believe you have Two!!! I t hink thats awesome

  • tomosborne

    i have a pair of brothers, english mastiffs. april 8th, they weighed 51, and 57 pounds respectively at 4 months old, this monday at 7 months old i had them both nuetered, and maximus the smaller of the brothers had went from 51 to 101 pounds, and kimbo, had went from 57 to 121 pounds. they eat only purina dog chow and water, that is all. this breed is not full grown till 3 , but i took them off puppy chow at 6 months to help with their muscular skeletal system not growing too rapidly.i will keep you informed , and provide pictures as soon as i figure out to. i have some pictures of them on my myspace. my url is myspace/coachozzie——name tom osborne 48 years old kitts hill, ohio.

  • Mark Callius

    Email your pictures to info@dogspired.com

  • I'm so love this blog, already bookmarked it! Thanks.

  • jim

    thats a big f****** dog

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  • it’s been photo shopped and that isn’t a pic of zorba. just think about it, that dogs head couldn’t have fit through the window with it rolled down a little over half way as it shows in the pic.

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  • Christopher Olsen

    right, because car windows are rigid and once rolled up or down are immobile. The dog couldn’t have put his head through the window before it was partially rolled up…

  • Christopher Olsen

    right, because car windows are rigid and once rolled up or down are immobile. The dog couldn’t have put his head through the window before it was partially rolled up…